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business in america, which we will do. there's an argument there, that's true. i don't think proprietary trading caused the crisis, but there are problems with it. we have not just had the problems of the crisis. we've had problems of individual investors and others not being treated fairly. paul volcker, who is certainly no enemy of wall street, has been the one most concerned about the proprietary trading. and we're talking about saying, if you have a deposit insurance guarantee with the federal government, you shouldn't be using that to help do this proprietary trading. the other thing we say is this, i don't want the banks making their money from this kind of trading and investments. i want them to make their money by loans. to some extent, this is aimed at getting the banks more into the lending business, which frankly they've moved away from too far. >> the other critique of this, i've heard, is that it basically targets mainstream banks, where most americans have an account with bank of america, a citibank, jpmorgan chase, wells fargo. it does not get after the issue of the too bi
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will rebuild. we will recover. and the united states of america will emerge stronger than before. >> the state of our union, the last time the president did this annual address to congress, but this year angrier, mad at the white house, mad at congress. >> our new nbc/"wall street journal" poll doesn't have anything good for washington. what will the president say tonight to turn it around? it's january 27th, 2007. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. we'll start at the white house. the president doing thiwhat he often does before a big speech. staying up work to late on it. >> we know this is going to be about 60 minutes long with applause. expected to be heavy on economic themes. all about jobs, jobs, jobs. >> one of the speeches that they drew from was a speech he gave in april of 2009. that speech that was actually widely praised on how he laid out sort of his economic program. and i think that this is almost, by using that speech, it's a tacit acknowledgement that they didn't spend enough time telling the american people their store about the economy. and i think that's what they view
on america. texas democratic congressman sylvester rayes chairs the house intelligence committee. he got a private briefing from the president's count terrorism team on wednesday. mr. chairman, thank you for joining us. i'm not sure you can answer this question, but what do you know, what can you share with us about these so-called credible threats against america coming out of yemen? >> well, we should always understand that al qaeda has as its biggest priority continuing to attack our country. so that's obviously not news but it is something that should be foremost in everyone's mind and also in the way we carry on our duties both here in congress and obviously the administration who has the responsibility of our national security. >> were you briefed on new threats, sir? >> yes. >> congressman, when it comes to these new threats, when do you think -- there's always that line, but are we at the point where some of these threats should be made public so that the public can help? i mean clearly the public was a big factor on that airplane in stopping this terrorist from completing his te
into the 1980s to get his what you talk about willis face for his mug shot. >> america's sweetheart. >> what did you learn? >> dr. oz says we should soak walnuts and almonds and eat them soaked. >> in water. >> jon meacham? >> the white house is not busy enough because they're e-mailing scarborough. >> we're going to drive into the next show, because -- >> if it's way too early, what time is it, willie? >> it's "morning joe." and right now it's time for chuck and savannah on "the daily rundown." >>> big week, big chance to reset the agenda at the white house. we're getting a preview today of what the state of the union will be focused on. it's all about the middle class. >>> and a daily rundown exclusive. ambassador richard holbrooke joins us live to answer if the u.s. commitment in afghanistan is open ended. good morning. it's january 25th, 2010. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. let's get to the rundown. >> we'll start with the headlines out of the white house this morning. the president will roll out some new tax breaks for the middle class today. a clear hint of where the emphasis is
coast, maybe as late as 10:00 a.m. look, this is going to be america's recovery. america's probably going to have to take the lead on figuring out what to do in haiti. and that's why we should be expecting to hear that from the president, all the efforts that the government's going to be doing. >> we'll get back to that. and chuck, with the latest from the white house there, but let's get to the rundown. as day is breaking in haiti, we're getting a clearer picture of just how devastating this is. but there's still so much not known at this hour, including how many have perished. untold numbers, likely in the thousands, witnesses say. reports on the ground say dazed residents are stacking victims' bodies in the streets amid mountains of rubble. buildings are flattened. whole neighborhoods wiped out. we, as chuck said, are awaiting a statement from the president this morning. meantime, here's the u.s. ambassador to haiti speaking about this tragedy. >> it's a major catastrophe for haiti. we have gone through all this before. i'm quite sure that the hatian people, courageous as they ar
are asking us, all across the country, even in the most liberal state in america, arguably, massachusetts, to defeat this health care bill, to start over on a truly bipartisan basis and get it right. i think that's the message from yesterday. and we're looking forward to welcoming senator scott brown to the senate. >> sir, no question this is a big morning for republicans, but i'm sure you couldn't help but notice the strategy scott brown ran up in massachusetts. he did not run overtly as a republican, he didn't cloak himself in the republican party. in fact, he all but eschewed the republican label. what lesson do you draw from that in terms of your own playbook going forward and what it means about what he thinks of republicans, of the republican party's own problems. >> well, i think how you run depends upon the state you're in. he was running in a state with 12% republicans, three times as many democrats, and a large body of independents. he ran a very, very smart campaign, even in my state, which is 2 to 1 democratic, i don't usually put republican in my ads. how you run in terms of
. >> i'm a far way from leaving this assignment. don't forget, even though bank of america and citigroup have repaid the taxpayer, there are still five companies in the legislation enacted by congress that require me continue to set 2010 compensation. >> the five companies, really fast? what are those five companies still? >> gm, gmac, chrysler, chrysler financial, and of course, aig. and those companies remain front and center. >> a three-lettered word right there. professor feinberg, thanks so much for being with us. i hope you'll come back. >> anytime. thanks so much. >>> well, coming up on "the daily rundown," farmers in florida are surveying the damage as the state continues to struggle with the worst cold smell in more than a decade. that's your home state. >> you know what, it is kind of real. >>> and it's the 2010 battle that could cost president obama health care reform. can martha coakley close the deal in massachusetts with a week to go? the race is actually down to the wire. >>> but first, time for some washington speak. in today's "cliche of the day," circling with wagons. l
to lose seats in 2010, he believes that's a good thing for america. but don't expect any parker griffith party-switching action from born just yet. he said he was born and will die a democrat. savannah? >> with friends like those -- >> he hasn't been very popular at the white house either, mr. born. >> all right, chuck, thanks. >>> coming up, the white house is pushing for another $75 billion to rev up the job market by building roads and bridges. but do these construction projects really create jobs? associated press reporter matt apewzo joins us with his exclusive investigation next. you're watching "the daily rundown." >>> all right. let's get back in the rundown with a look at the stories gaining some traction this morning. >> right now, senate majority leader, obviously, big question. he's under fire for remarks made about the president's skin color during the 2008 presidential campaign. >> the gop, some members, anyway, calling for senator reid's resignation, but the president says he considers the book closed. >> and rahm emanuel said the same thing on our air. >> exactly. >>> sho
,000 up from $23,000 will be taxed, but not until 2018, while the rest of america will be taxed at those rates if you have that kind of plan 2013, guys. >> all right, mike viqueira at the white house for us with all things health care. >>> moving now to campaign politics, it is a nail biter in massachusetts. with just four days to go in the race for teddy kennedy's senate seat, a new poll is terrible news for democrats. the 60th vote in the senate, maybe health care hanging in the balance. chuck, i'm interested now. nbc's deputy political director, mark murray, joins us now. this is bad. >> this is big. what's going on? >> it is humongous. savannah mentioned a brand-new poll that shows the republican in the race, scott brown, ahead by four points. there was another poll out by a democrat-leaning group showing the democrat in the race, martha coakley, up by eight. but this race is a toss-up. there's a flurry of activity and there really is the perception that the republican could end up winning this race, which is a humongous turn of events from last month, after the democratic primary, w
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and when the president praised the importance of america as a job creator. very classic republican and conservative ideas. lots of overlap where both parties stood. lots of energy in the room. i was particularly watching for tone, because we knew in advance that there was a quiet reminder to members of the republican party not to do anything that could be interpreted as disrupt ir ive. i had my moo eeyes on joe will was very polite in his demeanor. and generally republicans were on the quieter side. there were murmurs. there was eye checking and that sort of thing but no boos, no screaming out, nothing like that, which even at other times would appear in state of the union addresses. so it was an interesting room and it was colder than you can imagine. they had turned the thermostat way, way, way down beginning at noon. >> is that a personal complaint, kelly, saying turn the air conditioning on? >> no. i was struck by it. it was almost as if members were in snug gies. they were chilled. >> thanks for the visual, kelly. >> i'm here for you. >> kelly o'donnell with the best seat in t
forward? >> reporter: i think what the health care bill has shown america and the administration, just because you have 60 members of your democratic caucus does not mean you have 60 votes. if you look back at all the major pieces of legislation, there have only be a handful, a smattering of republicans joining democrats. i think, yes, we should see more of that, especially if brown were to win, because then the climb gets much steeper to pass his agenda. >> ken strickland reporting for us from the hill. shocking to me this is the first lunch the president is having with george voinovich. >>> now to the latest on haiti. the numbers this morning are just staggering. authorities estimate now the death toll could be as high as 200,000 people. 1.5 million hatians are living on the streets, completely homeless. today, the u.s. troop level in the region will now hit 14,000. soldiers on the ground are handing out much-needed supplies and the u.s. government now believes it can feed 1 million people a day, every day. but here's a happier number. 61. that's the number of orphans heading from ha
for not wearing a hat. >> thanks so much. >>> coming up next on "the daily rundown," is america finally climbing out of the depths of this recession? we'll go inside the numbers, next. >>> plus, the iraq war on trial. former british prime minister tony blair has been in the hot seat. he's been forced to defend his decision for going to war. but first, a look ahead at the president's schedule. it's all baltimore today. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. there was a time i wouldn't step out of the house without my makeup. now, it's no problem. (announcer) neutrogena tone correcting night serum with high performance soy to even skin tone and active retinol to speed cell turn over. clinically shown to visibly fade brown spots in 14 nights. i even out my skin at night so it looks younger, flawless in the morning. (announcer) neutrogena tone correcting now you can fade and prevent discolorations all day. new tone correcting spf 30. >>> well, the worst of the recession looks to be behind us. that's the read, anyway, right now on new figures out in the last hour that show the economy grew 5.7
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14